About Us

Formed in 2023 as a division of MEC, AMEC Acoustics specialise in anti-vibration mounts designed for construction and machinery applications. We are UK and European agent for Spanish company Senor, who have been established for over 25 years and offer industry leading shock and vibration mounts. Our products have undergone comprehensive testing and have also been approved to Spanish and EU building standards. All test data and certification is published on our website.

Our UK office can offer both express and economy shipping services to the majority of major cities worldwide and can supply to customers in GBP, Euro or USD. Payment can be accepted by T/T or by credit/debit card. In addition to this credit terms can be negotiated with our sales team.

Please note that as this is a new website we are still in the process of gathering test data and updating our website. New products and further data will continue to be added on an ongoing basis. Please continue to check our website for further information.

Ultra soft gels specially designed for:
       protecting fragile, light electronics
       high performance in narrow space enclosures
Special noise and shock isolation solutions for HDDS, DVDs
       soft and firm grommets
       soft sheet materials & foams
PC and On-board computer protecton
       soft metal bonded mounts
       damping to lower frequencies than rubber mounts
Fan noise and PCB flexure and breakage
       snap in one piece fan mounts
       grommets for 100g+ pcb loads
Handheld applications – knock and drop damage
       shock foam gaskets
       soft gel sheet gaskets
MILSPEC and broad temperature range needs
       broad temperature range materials for 50g

We export overseas and can accept TT of funds and PayPal* payments in:
US Dollar $, Euros � and Sterling �

Payments by PayPal will incur a 4% surchange.



Formed in 1999 as an agent for KGS Kitagawa, MEC specialise in EMC components such as ferrite cores, ferrite beads, EMI absorbing sheets, on board contacts, grounding clamps, conductive tape, ferrite chip inductors and much more.

AMEC Thermasol

Formed in 2005 as a product division of MEC, AMEC Thermasol specialises in thermal management materials such as ceramic heat sinks, conductive thermal adhesive tape, flat heat pipes, thermal pads, and thermal conductive paste, grease and putty.


Formed in 2003 as a product division of MEC, Gelmec supplies vibration and shock absorption products such as anti-vibration sheets, PCB vibration mounts, sandwich and stud mounts, wire rope isolators, machine mounts and much more.