Brief Guide to Our Acoustic Mounts

AMEC Acoustics anti-vibration mounts are designed primarily for the construction industry and industrial applications. Firstly, our construction range, such as our acoustic ceiling mounts, work by reducing the vibration transmission (especially structure borne sound) in building structures such as ceilings, linings, partitions and floors. The industrial range such as our heavy machine mounts, work by attenuating vibrations produced by machinery, drastically reducing the vibration and noise output of equipment.

Vibration mounts should be able to work freely in elongation (lengthening or stretching) and also in compression; this is a fundamental requirement in order to obtain the best acoustic results. In addition, the shock absorbers must provide maximum safety to the solution where they are being applied. Correct installation of the mounts will determine their proper functioning.

Choosing the right acoustic mount is essential for the viability of the acoustic/vibration solution. In other words, if the correct acoustic mount is not installed, not only is a good soundproofing result not achieved, but the acoustics of the room may even worsen.

Criteria for choosing a mount:
1. Load: each mount has a load range.
2. Operating frequency (rpm).
3. Are the products for indoor or outdoor use?
4. Weather adversities.
5. Type of sound environment.

Vibration mounts must be installed throughout the whole system. For instance, in wall lining systems, both the uprights (vertically) and the channels (horizontal) must have dampers. On the other hand, to isolate a machine, it is necessary that both the machine and the ducts that are attached to it are soundproofed. Therefore, rigid connections should be avoided, as they would eventually become sound leaks (sound flanking paths).

In our construction range we offer both our standard range and hybrid range of products. The standard range of vibration isolators are designed to operate in medium to high frequency ranges. They are suited for standard, lower cost acoustic systems such as office blocks and residential buildings that are subject to a lower concentration of people and noise.

Our hybrid range of vibration isolators are a higher performance product compared to our standard range, and are suited to environments subject to a higher concentration of noise and people such as entertainment venues and factories. The hybrid range operate in low-high frequency ranges.

In addition to our acoustic mounts we would also advise considering the acoustic strips as they enhance and compliment the performance of the acoustic system. The acoustic rubber strips provide elasticity and tightness to the system.

Over the coming months we will be publishing more articles and also e-catalogues on our industrial and construction ranges, highlighting the key features and differences between our different products. Please continue to check our website blog/latest news section for further updates.