Micro Porous Ceramic Heat Sink / FCH Ceramic Series

IC components for compact and slim electronic products are usually limited by the available space and height. The slim nature of ceramic heat sinks can provide a suitable cooling solution.

The entirely new material structure of a ceramic heat sink moves heat by air circulation (without external force) through the embedded radiation micro porous ceramic material such that the accompanying IC components can operate continuously in a given temperature environment.

A ceramic heat sink is non-electrical conductive, humidity and dust proof by its special material nature. With a long life span and simple assembly process (can be attached by applying thermal paste or thermal adhesive tape to the surface of any IC component). The ceramic heat sink saves not only assembly time but also material and labour costs.

Ceramic heat sinks are now adopted by IC of power under 10W while specially designed ones are also available for high-watt ICs.

Features :​​
  • Non electrically conductive,no antennae effect.
  • Fin type provides larger surface area compared to flat types and increase in power rating.
  • With and without thermally conductive Silicone adhesive tape.
  • Flat and Wave Types.
Part Number Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Shape Datasheet
FCH252505T 25 25 5.0 Fin Download
FCH30305T 30 30 5.25 Fin Download
FCH303512T 35 30 12.25 Fin Download
FCH40405T 40 40 5.25 Fin Download
FCH505010T 50 50 10.25 Fin Download
FCH505015T 50 50 15.25 Fin Download