Acoustic Rubber Partition Wall
Acoustic Wall Mount / 7600-02-TB2 Series

The SE-7600-TB2 is primarily used to connect two self supporting structures in order to provide elasticity to attenuate sound frequencies and vibrations. 7602-TB2 has a patented control system that allows the steel brackets to be moved in both directions. By fixing both sides with screws the metal bracket can be moved and the polymer compressed in both directions. 

**For use on partition walls**. 

- Optimal load of 5kg to 32kg per mount. 
- Corrects unevenness in structure. 
- Connects two supporting structures together. 
- Complies with acoustic standard ISO 10846. 

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Acoustic Wall Mount / 7600-LD2

Rubber acoustic mount with a partial cut at the end of each bracket that create two inverted pleats. Not only does this reduce the need to use screws but also increases the tensional tensile strength of the wall mount. 

**For use with partition walls**. 

- Connects two separate structures together. 
- Allows compression in both directions.
- Good soundproofing properties.
- Optimal load: 5kg to 25kg. 

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Acoustic Wall Mounts / 9600-TBM2 Series

The 9600-TBM2 series is designed specifically for low frequency environments such as cinemas, pubs and hospitality venues. Its main purpose is to isolate vibrations through partition walls. The metal brackets work freely during the rubber and spring deformation, allowing the acoustic mount to continuously work in axial compression. 

**For use in double stud partition walls**. 

- Can be mounted in multiple positions. 
- Keeps structure intact in event of fire. 
- Suited for low frequency applications.
- Weight Range: 3kg to 75kg per mount. 

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