Elastic Plugs for Wall Channels
Acoustic Wall Liner / TAV-500-11 A Series

Special acoustic plug used to decouple the metal frame work from the original wall system. Due to its design it completely encapsulates the metal frame, preventing noise leakage from the mounting point. 

**For use in lower U-channels and vertical studs.**

- Completely isolates the metal structure. 
- Essential for removing noise pollution. 
- Use with acoustic strip to achieve optical performance. 
- Weight Range: 8kg to 30kg. 

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Acoustic Wall Support / TMT-50-R

The TMT-50-R vibration isolator is an acoustic support designed for fastening and isolating structures found in acoustic partition walls. It eradicates problems with vibration and also provides excellent soundproofing. 

**For use on 50mm channels on acoustic and non-acoustic partition walls.**

- Optimal load of 20kg to 70kg per mount.
- Levelling device supports uneven loads and optimises performance. 
- Obtains optimum performance when used with acoustic sheet. 
- Complies with standard EN 13964. 

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