Acoustic Ceiling Mounts
Rubber Acoustic Ceilings

Wide variety of acoustic hanging mounts to suit a range of ceiling frame profiles. Designed to eradicate and attenuate transmission of vibrations and noise produced by equipment above 20Hz. This range features a quick and simple to use locking mechanism. 

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Spring Acoustic Ceiling Mounts

The helical design of the hybrid acoustic mounts incorporates a TPE and spring body, enabling the acoustic mount to perform over a wider frequency range. It improves the mechanical properties of the acoustic mount and increases acoustic performance by above 10%. Suited for a wide range of ceiling frame profiles. 

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Thermal Break Accessories

Thermal break accessories are incorporated into ceiling and roof designs to prevent thermal energy lose. The acoustic fasteners separate sections of the roof and ceiling, with the special polypropylene bushing preventing conduction of heat energy. 

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