Introducing SE-BM-80-IX Heavy Machine Mounts

The SE-BM-80-IX Series of shock absorbers combine a helical system together with the vibration damping properties of a TPE polymer, allowing the vibration damper to perform over a wide frequency range. The steel spiral provides a high degree of vibration isolation in low to medium frequency ranges, whereas the TPE bushes enable vibration isolation in medium to high frequency ranges.

This acoustic damper has additional mounting holes on its base that allows the consumer to fit the shock absorber directly to the ground. Combining this feature with the enhanced polycal system provides the SE-BM-80-IX Series with anti-rollover system that prevents the structure from falling over in extreme conditions such as adverse weather.

Some of the machine mount profiles are fitted with threads or additional mounting holes to help secure the equipment either further. Levelling plates are supplied with select product lines such as the
SE-BM-80-IX-RE profile that enable effective vibration mounting in uneven structures and loads. Optimal loading of the SM-BM-80-IX Series is 20kg to 200kg per mount.

Customers may also wish to consider the SM-BM-100-IX Series that is designed for heavier loads of 40kg to 500kg per mount. Typical applications of the SE-BM Series include heat pumps, plant equipment, inertia bases, mechanical and electrical equipment and sensitive machinery.

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